Good morning coffee, playlist routines and a euphoric (Chevelle) Friday: A treat for my OCD!

It is interesting how my morning routine has been refined to reflect my, what is developing as, a full fledged case of OCD.

Every morning I get into the office, I turn on my notebook and whilst it is getting warming up my brand new Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, I take a step out to sanitise the necessary components of my Russel Hobbs coffee percolator. I take care to fill up the water mark to just above “10 cups”. When done percolating a fresh brew, some water is lost in the system and the coffee mark sits agonizingly close to “10 cups”, but never exactly. I pour some coffee into my cup and I look forward, toward my vertically stacked screens.

By this time my earphones are on my head. I purposely left them charging the night before, to ensure that I get almost a full days uninterrupted play without having to plug it into the charger. Never over the weekend, for fear of damaging the battery!  (

Parrot Zik Wireless earphones

This morning was not different from any other, with the exception of music choice. I sat down, started my playlist, like every morning, with Amarok’s (Linux’s far superior version of Winamp) Theme song (Jingle) by allMeadow & Rob Costlow, called Art Of Nations. Here it is.

I take the 0:40 song on offer to make my choice as to the band and Album I am going to start my day with. It limits my time to make a decision, in order to avoid the over complicated process of optimizing a decision. Call it optimization by maximum likelihood if you will, as the decision is really based on an impulse.

This morning’s decision lead me to the Chevelle album called Sci-Fi Crimes. This albums tickles a host of my obsessions. It was recorded live in studio, with all the members playing together as a band. They employed very little trickery, other than standard, with vocal production, guitar production, drums etc. Now for those that don’t know, Pete Loeffler does both guitar and vocal duties in Chevelle, so most of what you are hearing when listening to this album, is a man, delivering his most honest rendition of the songs he has written.

From the Wikipedia article ( the quote below:

Unlike previous albums, Sci-Fi Crimes was recorded live in the studio as a band, without the use of samples. “We wanted to do a record that was more true to what our live sound is like,” explains Sam Loeffler. “We wanted to go in the studio and play the tracks and just record them and not make a perfect record the way I think a lot of our records in the past have been made. We wanted to compete on that same level by not tuning the vocals and not tuning every single chord and not adding samples so every single snare hit is exactly the same. We just went in and recorded. It’s not a sonically perfect record; it’s more like you get if you go into a studio and just play. And I’m curious to see if people notice a difference.”

Curious if anyone noticed the difference. I like to think that I do. Particularly the the vocals. It is as though he reached a level of intensity with the vocal delivery that we are not ordinarily spoiled with. There is an added level of intensity that I’d like to imagine, that I get.

Try it out if you want here: 

I have not listened to this album in some time, but this morning it really stood out as a win for my morning routine.


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