This is me. I am about many unrelated things.

I like sport. Rugby and cricket, (thank god for good old English colonialism), statics (not even always related to sport, though it sometimes is) and predictive, actionable analytics.

I like science. Science in the general awe-inspiring sense. Science in the focussed, and applicable to humans , sense. Science as a profession, but more the research, development & implementation type than the academic type.

I like programming, in R primarily, though I have been known to dabble in Python. Programming for data science is my thing currently. I like the formidable instant gratification that is associated with coding and scripting. Boy, if I had known this back when I was choosing graduate courses, genetics would have had a tough time making it onto my BSc degree. I like programming for data analysis in the disciplines of health and health informatics. I like building Shiny web application for data analysis in any discipline really.

I read stuff. I don’t read novels. The only novels I read are those recommended to me by my genius younger female sibling, and these are almost exclusively classics, which probably intersects the line between art and philosophy. If you don’t get it, don’t bother. I don’t either, which is why I don’t choose them. I read science books and the odd biography, but admittedly the biographies are mostly skewed towards sports people I admire.

I like music. I like it a whole lot. Mostly, almost exclusively, metal and an array of metal sub-genres. I spend a lot of time analysing it and reading about it. To set the record straight, (and also shamelessly paraphrase from a podcast featuring D. Bristow-Bovey) I am not a musician. I am a music listener.

I like exercise. I do long distance endurance running and weight training. These ideals might seem completely counter productive, and yes, they are. I am not a body builder. I don’t have the discipline it seems. I am not a good marathon athlete, I don’t have any talent. I can barely run a 5-hour marathon, but it is immensely hard to think of anything that I am that bad at, which is capable of providing me with that much satisfaction and sense of achievement. Being a scientist and an aspiring data scientist, I necessarily catalogue all of this in a web-based shiny database for excessive analysing.

I like being creative. I enjoy going through the process of formulating my thoughts by typing them out in some coherent format. I get inspired to write things, which is why this blog is in existence.

Twitter handle, whilst I am still inspired to partake, is @pa_marais.

Some of my recent ramblings not found here:


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